KRAKEN – High-end architectural visualization studio


Based in Paris, KRAKEN is an high-end architectural visualization studio, with a unique and strong visual style, led by Santiago Vilaseca, 3D artist and co-founder.

Our approach is to unleash the power of each project, to reveal its potential, as the mythical and eponymous sea beast. Each image is a new opportunity for us to tell a story, a new challenge to translate architecture in a captivating and engaging way. 

Client satisfaction is our top priority. We are undoubtedly reliable, committing to meet the deadlines set and client expectations, as much as ours. Our clients trust us to lead them. And we trust our clients, involving them completely and collaboratively in a uniquely transparent way. 

Our goal is to give life to architecture that has not yet been built. Our guiding philosophy is realism, at least at first sight.

Since our eye is attracted to what we perceive as real, we think this is the best way to convey our art. The idea may be unreal and imaginary, or just unusual, but its artistic representation is always under the limitations of the real world


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